let the fortnight of no sleep™ begin.

The Australian Open quite possibly might be my favorite slam.  I always say that Roland Garros is my favorite slam, but nothing makes me as excited to watch tennis as the Aussie.  I have been slowly adjusting my sleep pattern for the last two weeks so that I can be up all night during the fortnight to watch the tennis, because the tennis starts at six p.m. here and goes to about four or five a.m. the next morning.

There are replays of certain matches on television, and there is ESPN3 to watch others, but there is something about watching it live that is so much fun.  Interacting with my friends on Twitter during matches, seeing what other people are saying about matches I’m not watching, filling out my draw to see who is going to play who next.  It’s just a blast.  And right now, I need that in my life.

The happy slam, as the Aussie is known, is going to provide me with some much needed happiness I hope.  Hell, even if all of my favorite players lose in the first round, which they won’t, I’ll still watch and I’ll still be happy (well, unless Djokovic wins AGAIN) and it’ll be a great two weeks.  And then I’ll sleep all day on Monday, get up on Tuesday morning, and be a normal functioning person again.

The things I do for tennis. ♥