a four p.m. poem.

barricade by adelia chamberlain

A block of wall barricading the heart
Built on white slips of truth
And tiny black slips of lies
Mixed together in solid stone
Pristine white with ugly black scars

Armies push against the wall
Hoping it will break
They fire their cannons and their guns
Aiming for the black spots
Because of their perceived weakness

But what the armies will never understand
Is that the black slips of lies are the wall’s strongest points
For it is the lies that are told which bond together the truths
They make the truths stronger
The lies help the heart survive the day

When the armies bombard the wall guarding it
The truths help the heart survive the night
When the armies rest and all that remains
Is a block of wall barricading the heart
Mostly white with truth that glows through the night
And so the heart lives to fight another day

© 2018

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