a two a.m. poem.

the darkened skies by adelia chamberlain

with bars of light from a moon so bright
or stars from millions of miles away
it brings with it a peaceful air
the kind that calms with a gentle breeze
and guides us to the land of dreams
while we all catch some zzzzz’s

the beauty of the darkened sky is something to behold
it does not heat or blind with sunrays
but it can help to make you whole
for if you let yourself experience it
you will come to see that
the middle of this thing called night
is as tranquil as a waveless sea

you can find peace here if you seek it
from these early hours of the day
and when you see the dawn on the horizon
everything might just be a little more okay
for the night arrives to heal the world
and it can, if you give it a chance

© 2018